Elena Karić: Bila sam ranjena zbog problema sa svojim telom

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"Nekad nisam ni želela da se pogledam u ogledalo, ali danas hodam naga većinu vremena prihvatajući i diveći se svakom delu moje nesavršenosti", obratila se ćerka modne kreatorke Verice Rakočević, koja je bila nezadovoljna svojim izgledom.


Ćerka modne kreatorke Verice Rakočević i supruga Jugoslava Karića, Elena Karić, po prvi put otkriva da je imala ozbiljnih problema sa svojim telom. Noseći se s nekim nedostacima koje nije želela da koriguje po svim ukusu, naučila je da voli sebe. Čak i taj nedostatak koji joj je godinama parao misli, ona je prihvatila, a time se danas ponosi.

„Bila sam toliko ranjena da nisam želela da me dodirnu. Imala sam toliko problema sa svojim telom, želela sam da to bude drugačije, pa nekad nisam ni želela da se pogledam u ogledalo, ali danas hodam naga većinu vremena prihvatajući i diveći se svakom delu moje nesavršenosti“, napisala je, između ostalog, Elena na Instagramu u opisu fotografije.

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Our body is our temple.. Teaching and practicing sacred ways of the feminine and Tantra is one of my soul missions and greatest passion. And Tantra is not just about the art of love making but the tool of self mastery and healing. Through touch and surrender.. ✨✨✨ Touch brings us out of anonimity of distance into the intimacy of belonging.. Kant said that the hand is the visible expression of the mind. The activity of touch brings us close to the world of other. ??? When i embarked on a tantric path and started a journey of self healing, through the healing of my female ancestral bloodline, touch was such a great issue for me. I was so wounded that i didn’t wanted to be touched. Matt, one of my dear teachers made me write on a peace of paper: DO NOT TOUCH ME. That was my mantra. My safe space. The shelter where i could always go and hide, and be safe.. But with time and healing i became aware that touch brings presence home.. We use word “touching” to describe a story or experience which moves us deeply. It is recognised nowdays that every child needs to be touched, hugged.. Touch comunicates tenderness, belonging and warmth which fosters self confidence. Touch is one of the most immediate and direct of the senses. The world or touch includes the whole world of sexuality, and sexuality is probably the most tender aspect of human presence. As Tantra teacher and healer it is my greatest honor to hold a space for women to heal such a fragile and core aspects of themselves. In my Dakini embodyment workshop i am teaching the sacred ways of the feminine.. and it is not just about the art of sacred sexuality, it is about healing our pesonal, ancestral and collective wounding. Our female sexuality was first and most important place where our power was taken away. We became objects of lust, learning how to perform instead how to feel. We manipulated with our sectuality in order to fit in to the wounded masculine perception of ourselves. I had so many issues with my body, wanted it to be different, sometimes not even wanted to look myself in the mirror, but today i walk naked most of the time, accepting and admiring every part of my imperfect self ✨✨✨

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